Why choose to trade with Vantage?

Why Choose Vantage FX?

Since the company’s inception in 2009, Vantage FX has offered retail Forex trading clients an unparalleled Forex trading experience. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide absolutely the most transparent Forex trading environment, allowing you to exploit your Forex trading edge.

After asking ourselves what it is that traders want when choosing a Forex broker, we have built Vantage FX from elements which clearly define the ideal Forex broker for your seamless and profitable Forex trading:

– Transparency
– True ECN spreads
– Powerful MT4 platform
– Unmatched execution speed
– Regulation and security
– Award winning broker


Vantage FX is a true ECN forex broker, meaning that there is no conflict of interest or dealing desk intervention between Vantage FX and our clients.

There are a large number of professional traders amongst our client base who recognize the integrity and transparency in the way Vantage FX conducts business.

For years as a Forex broker, Vantage FX has set the global industry benchmark for providing our clients with only the highest standard of transparency.

True ECN Spreads

Vantage FX offers direct market access to the highly liquid Forex market, partnering with prime liquidity providers who are able to guarantee the most transparent and accurate fills for your Forex market orders.

Due to clearing large trading volumes, Vantage FX is able to secure the best ECN Forex liquidity for our clients. Equip yourself with laser sharp RAW ECN access to Forex markets with Vantage FX.

Powerful MT4 Platform

The MetaTrader 4 platform (MT4) is the most popular online Forex trading terminal in the world. The platform becomes even more powerful once it is connected to our deep FX liquidity pools.

Vantage FX offers clients the complete MetaQuotes Forex trading solution. Experience faster Forex trading with our powerful MetaTrader 4 platform.

Unmatched Execution Speed

Working alongside MetaQuotes, Vantage FX has developed a uniquely optimised fibre optic network, fine-tuned for the fastest Forex trading execution.

This cutting edge solution enables the fastest Forex trading execution possible and delivers our FX traders the edge they need to be consistently profitable in the volatile Forex market.

Professional traders make smart decisions. Equip yourself with seamless access to the interbank Forex market using the Vantage FX RAW ECN account.

Australian Regulation

Vantage FX fully complies with strict financial regulations set out by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). Vantage FX has been established with a clear mission statement to provide fair and transparent access to global Forex markets.

As well as being Australian regulated, clients’ funds are held in a segregated account with Australia’s AA rated National Australia Bank (NAB).

Forex Rebates

Take advantage of the transparent Vantage FX Forex rebate program. Get rebates paid daily, as cash, INSTANTLY into your MT4 trading account. Vantage FX have listened to our clients’ feedback and created the most transparent Forex rebate program in the retail Forex trading industry. We took our Standard STP account and implemented our custom Forex rebate mechanism, which will lower your trading costs and make your Forex trading more cost effective.

Award Winning Broker

Being officially recognised as a transparent and secure Forex broker, Vantage FX has also delivered high quality scores throughout 5 years of internal customer satisfaction surveys.

In the categories of transparency, security, support, execution speed, MT4 platform stability and Forex spreads, Vantage FX consistently scores in the 98th percentile across our customer base.

Vantage FX constantly works hard to push the boundaries of retail Forex trading, delivering a transparent Forex trading environment. This allows our clients to focus on their own Forex trading, just as it should be.

Experience Transparent and Secure Forex Trading with Vantage FX

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