MarketTrader Platform

Vantage FX are introducing a new web based trading platform that runs on both PC and Mac. This platform broadens our reach and addresses some ongoing needs of our clients who require a stable and flexible trading solution to access global forex markets. MarketTrader, has been designed by ChartIQ and is a fully featured HTML5 trading platform.

Powered by ChartIQ, MarketTrader has been built with one purpose in mind and that's to improve the trading experience of our clients. Combine MT4 and MarketTrader under the one trading account so you can keep all the powerful features that our MT4 infrastructure offers, but increase your platform's capabilities when you're not at your own trading desk or on the go. MarketTrader uses all the advantage of the brand new, upgraded fibre optic Vantage FX infrastructure for MT4.

What the MarketTrader platform does for clients of Vantage FX, is give you flexibility and choice. While MT4 is the most popular forex trading platform in the industry, it might not be for everyone. By adding the MarketTrader platform to our platform portfolio, we hope that this diversification will lead to an improvement in client satisfaction.

How to Access the MarketTrader Platform

Start trading on the MarketTrader platform TODAY. Simply by using your current MT4 account login details. There is no need to download any software or sign up for a new account, all current clients of Vantage FX already have access to the brand new MarketTrader platform by using their MT4 login details.

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Start trading on the MarketTrader platform
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Superior Charting

The MarketTrader platform is a superior charting platform for traders that trade manually from their charts. MarketTrader is the first and only professional grade charting library that uses the HTML5 infrastructure to provide a seamless technical analysis solution for traders who need clean but feature packed charts.

Working seamlessly across desktop as well as wherever you may be trading from away from your desk while on another web browser, tablet or smart phone, the MarketTrader platform is more than just another web trader. It is a platform that offers a wide variety of innovative data visualisations that puts social, fundamental, and macro data in the context of charts across all asset classes.

Take your charting to the next level with sleek, HTML5 powered forex charting on the MarketTrader platform.


Chart Types

Increased Stability

Are you looking for a full-featured, web based HTML5 trading platform that stably runs off the current MT4 infrastructure at Vantage FX? If the answer is yes, then the MarketTrader platform is the seamless charting solution that you have been looking for! Current computer science technology has seen advancements in the speed of HTML5 backed software compared to the more traditional JavaScript engines that we are used to seeing.

There is no need to be sceptical about the performance of HTML5 as the software has been built for performance and stability from the ground up by ChartIQ with tests showing that as a web based charting platform, they are unmatched by their competitors.

It is for this reason that Vantage FX has chosen to partner with ChartIQ and feature the MarketTrader platform for our clients. Trust the MarketTrader platform when you're on the go.

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User Friendly Browser Based

Access your current Vantage FX MT4 trading account wherever and whenever you see opportunity in the market and be sure to feel the confidence of knowing you can quickly and easily access any of your open trades to manage positions no matter where you are.

The MarketTrader platform is built for the past, present and future of financial trading technology. Using the HTML5 infrastructure means that the platform can work wherever you need it to work and the team at ChartIQ have optimised performance to ensure user friendliness for all Vantage FX clients who choose to trade on the platform. MarketTrader is multi-modal, meaning that whether you're on desktop, web, tablet or mobile, you can be confident knowing that you are never detached from the market.

Experience beautiful charting on our MarketTrader platform today!

Currency Pairs,
Indices & Commoditie

Different Web Browsers

Mobile Apps

If you're searching for a mobile alternative to MT4 that you can instantly trade off, then the MarketTrader platform is for you. We all know that while the desktop MT4 application is extremely powerful, trading off charts on the mobile app often leaves a lot to be desired.

This is where the MarketTrader platform's mobile application can add a lot of value to traders who are on the go. Be confident that the market is never far from your fingertips, with your same Vantage FX trading account never in the dark.

Offering a more powerful and visually enhanced charting experience, traders who choose to use the MarketTrader platform can be confident in their trading decisions no matter their trading style or choice of mobile phone.

Operating Systems

Easy to use app

Experience Transparent and Secure Forex Trading with Vantage FX

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