Brexit Referendum – Margin Requirements Returning to Normal

June 30, 2016

Sydney – June 30, 2016 After deciding to increase margin requirements heading into the Brexit vote, Vantage FX will now begin easing restrictions across a range of Forex currency pairs and Indices markets. Please refer to the table below for …

Brexit Referendum – Margin Update

June 27, 2016

Sydney – June 27, 2016 The robust risk management measures taken in the lead up to the Brexit referendum has seen Vantage FX, and most importantly our clients, safely through the biggest financial market shock since the infamous Black Monday …

Brexit Referendum – ‘Close Only’ Forex Pairs

June 17, 2016

Sydney – June 17, 2016 The June 23rd 2016, UK ‘Brexit referendum’ is fast approaching and Vantage FX continues to monitor and set appropriate risk management settings for the protection of our clients. In addition to last week’s announcement of …

Brexit Referendum – Temporary Change in Margin Requirements

June 14, 2016

Sydney – June 14, 2016 In light of significantly increased volatility in global financial markets due to the upcoming Brexit Referendum, Vantage FX has conducted a review of our risk management policies with the intention of providing a more secure …